Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Have you ever wonder?

Often it is only when people suddenly feel they are losing their partner that they realize how much they love them. Then they cling on even tighter. But the more they grasp, the more the other person escapes them, and the more fragile the relationship becomes.

So often we want happiness, but the very way we pursue it is so clumsy and unskillful that it brings only more sorrow. Usually we assume we must grasp in order to have that something that will ensure our happiness. We ask ourselves: “How can we possibly enjoy anything if we cannot own it?” How often attachment is mistaken for love!

Even when the relationship is a good one, love can be spoiled by attachment with its insecurity, possessiveness, and pride; and then when love is gone, all you have left to show for it are the “souvenirs” of love, the scars of attachment.

- Sogyal Rinpoche

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Malaysian Atheletes

Its been a long time I have blog here as FYP has successfully conquer my time. Nevertheless, I think my study life is over already where I can now have a short break and free myself from exams. That's the fun part of it.

Recently the Olympic is going on and being a Malaysian, I fully support our Malaysian Contingent in this International event especially the badminton team. Have to congratulate our national hero, Lee Chong Wei for bringing back the first medal to our nation. At least, in the list of medals, Malaysia does not get 0 at all.

Although he lost the match to Lin Dan but he has won the hearts of everybody. To me, he has already won the match. Comparing this London 2012 and Beijing 2008, Lin Dan surely got freak out when trying to secure his gold this round. It was really indeed the toughest match I have seen being played by both of them. Lets hope that by 2016, he is still fit to fulfill his wish to win a gold in Olympic before he retires.

Not long after our 1st medal, our 2nd medal came from the Diving event. Indeed a wonderful thing as I believe this is her first time participating in Olympic with such achievement. So happy with our athletes performance in this round of game.


Thursday, April 12, 2012

I Miss Internship

I seriously miss internship. BADLY!!!!

I am so in love with that lifestyle compared to now. During internship days, I just need to make sure my brain is functioning at 100% from 8am-5pm. After 5pm( if no OT), I will just come back home, watch TV, Online, chatting, reading, or anything that i wanted to do. Such a nice life. Although I am suppose to be working from 8-5, but sometimes, I am in ideal mode in between these periods. No job for me to do. Just sit down and play 2 player reactor with my colleague or spamming ppls email inbox =D

Back in college, night time is used up for studying or performing research on FYP. Worries for examination, assignments and projects. Day time is used up to listen to lectures.

Really miss Industrial Training.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

My dearest supervisor

Every engineering student will go through a project at the end of their semester. They call it Final Year Project. It is the time when the student will put all their knowledge gathered into use. Because we are just student, we will tend to make errors. Therefore each student are assigned to a supervisor to be look after and guide. I am doing my final year project and this is my second time doing it since the first was during my diploma. Here, I begin to know my degree project supervisor deeper.

I first met him when I am still in diploma. He was my lecturer for i don't remember what subject already for about a month. He is a very nice lecturer. During the final exam, no matter how u much u screwed up, you are still able to pass. Very nice guy right?

My next encounter with him was during my Diploma project Oral presentation. A presentation that reports your progress to the assessor. He was one of the two assessor. The other assessor is famous for mentally killing a student during Q&A (Mr Chan). I remember very clearly; After completing my powerpoint presentation, Mr Chan gave way to my current supervisor to ask questions to clear his doubt. His first question was, "may i know what is your name?" Mr Chan along with me blur there a while. Our facial expression turned from:

:) --> o.O --> O.O

Well, that was my presentation. After that, while the presentation is going on, suddenly he stops and ask, "can we have a break for lunch first??" This time everybody got shock and stunt. hahaha... Everybody's expression is now O.O

That is my first view on my supervisor. When i have him now as my supervisor, it gets more fun. He always gave me suggestions that were so great till i have to crack my head into pieces to get it done. He also gave me lots of freedom in doing my project which means, i don't really need to report to him every week about my progress. Good supervisor (I likey). And the best thing is, when i sent an email to him on Monday, he will reply that mail on Friday. Sometimes i need to send twice to get a reply back from him.

This is my supervisor.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Its been a long time not updating my blog since the end of my internship. Been through a lot of things and looks like this semester and year is really a tough year ahead. The journey is extremely rocky. My "suspension" has been receiving lots of pressure from it.

Today, just to chill out, I went for a hike in BJ hill. The last time i went hiking was like 2 years ago? or perhaps 3?

Nevertheless, i didn't realize they already have another route up the hill. I took that new route. Of cos with some ppl around just in case i did not find my way. *I did got stuck a while on the way up.

Climbing 1/2 the hill is seriously damn tiring. In fact, before reaching 1/2 the hill, i did stop a few times. This shows how much stamina I had lost. Don't forget, i did mention earlier that, i follow some people up the with the new track. They are an uncle and aunty. Aged 64 and 60. My goodness, they can walk at a constant speed non stop. It is a disgrace to me as a young fella.

That's the point where my head starts to think, should i give up and walk down? or should i torture myself and climb further and just accept the pain. And suddenly my head thought of this "What the hell, the uncle and aunty oso can climb, i so pahliah cannot climb?? Ini apa 2nd dan" Therefore, decision made, continue to climb.. with many stops in between. hahaha

At last reach the top. Feel satisfied but the body was completely drop out. The leg muscle was shaking when i am standing. *damn weak* but the mind was fresh with the joy of accomplishment. Was also greeted by the uncle and aunty, "eh, reach d ah".

Enlighten for the day. This journey is suffering, but the sense of joy upon completing the journey is a bliss. I may be slow but i get to feel the bliss. Best with my own determination and hard work.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Industrial Training Flashback

Today, 30th Dec is my last day in Plexus. I don't know why but I have this mixed feeling of happy and sad that comes together. Happy as I get to enjoy and have a short break. Sad because I'm not gonna see m fellow colleagues and that is where studying life returns.
Although it is my last day of work, I'm still busy as a bee. This is because it is the end of the year. Meaning, it is quarter end and that is the time where the accountants are going to close and upkeep their accounts and upkeep it while the top management levels will do some assessment on the employees performance. What worries my supervisor is not about the accounts but the later one. That probably was also my most efficient day throughout the 15 weeks training. I can proudly say I did help him close up many issues. Hehehe =D

OK, that's not what I wanted to say about in this post. I'm just going to recall back all the past happenings that occur throughout the 15 weeks.

I remembering my first day stepping in to the department blur blur. How blur am I? I did not know that I was sitting next to my Section Manager for the first two weeks. The best thing is, when I'm free, I "shake leg" right in his eyes. Now do you agree with me that I'm blur?

My cubicle, sitting next to the manager

Shifted to new cubicle after a month. Purely for trainees

Photo of me and my new trainee

You will feel very proud when there is another trainee under you =D You can delicate the job to him and that is the moment I understood why my supervisor does not move from his cubicle when I'm around.

Next, is the things I learnt from during internship. Here are the list of it:

Good Things:
  • Time management
  • Networking
  • Adapt to environment real fast
  • Respect and courtesy to everybody
  • Improve my eyes in finding defects
Bad Things:
  • Berular
  • Learn how to sleep in office undetected
  • Scope at pretty girls in Finance department
  • Learn how to avoid jobs
Although the negative things are lesser than the positive ones, but the word BERULAR itself is already a serious crime. Hahaha...

Crime# 1: Chiak Chuar
I makan ular, makan ular makan ular, then promoted become pekerja kedai ular pekerja kedai ular, then promoted become ketua ular ketua ular then promote buka kedai ular become boss kedai ular.

How I makan Ular??

A good employee that does not waste his time and does things fast will take the shortest route to his destination and accomplish it. Based on the picture above, that is a standard way for a good employee to move from point A to B.

As for the employee that is very good in curi tulang, this is how he does it.
Just to cover up his crime, he uses this excuse "I'm just gaining more knowledge about Plexus production floor"

The next method of curi tulang is we had a super extremely long tea break. The longest tea break I had was from 3pm to 5pm. Sit down in the cafeteria buy yogurt or Mang Chien Kuih to eat and talk nonsense and laugh our way till 5pm. I think 3/4 of the training period, I am practicing this. Tsk Tsk Tsk...

Crime# 2: Sleep in office unnoticed
OK, honestly, this was taught by the engineers in our department. We are just following their footstep. =P

See the picture below

Guess what is he doing??? This is call professional.

Another example.
This is call unprofessional.

Crime#3: Scope girls
The rumours of Plexus having lots of pretty gals seems to be true. There are indeed a lot of them. Sadly, I cant snap photos of them else I will get slap by them.

Crime#4: Avoiding jobs
This is call Tai Chi. But I rarely do this crime. Only once I think. I'm a hardworking trainee * it sounds very contradicting with the first crime

I think thats all that happened throughout my industrial training life. Regarding the question, will I go back to work there again? Maybe I will, but not as an SQE, maybe as a process or test engineer. But if can, Plexus is my last option. Hahaha...

Tang Yuen Festival

Another year has passed and here comes the Tang Yuen Festival.

This year, I overslept and did not get my chance to do it. Sad case =(
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